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Transaction Performance Monitoring and Tracking

When you want to measure, monitor or track transaction performance – OC Systems can help.

  • Measure, track and report response times for SLAs.

  • Identify transaction performance problems proactively, before end users call to complain.

  • Perform rapid triage to isolate the component responsible for a performance problem, then drill down to find the root cause.

We work with you to identify the approach that is most appropriate for your situation. We assist you in selecting the transactions to measure and determining what data is needed. Then we configure the software and implement your monitoring solution.

The response time tracking solutions that we can help you get up and running include:

Simulated or robotic transactions If you are new to transaction monitoring, this is a good way to start. For a fairly simple system, simulated transactions may be sufficient.

Actual end-user transactions Measuring real end-user transactions provides a more accurate representation of the end-user experience.

End-to-end actual end-user transactions Monitoring or tracking real transactions all the way from the browser through the enterprise, with enough detail to perform root-cause analysis, delivers the most advanced solution.

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I love RootCause. Im a coder, but with RootCause I can write probes in standard C and get out all the data that I want. To me it is a phenomenal tool.

Claire Cates
Principal Developer
Advanced Performance Research